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It's a good idea to start by taking a household inventory! Make a list for each room showing all items present.

Arrange for a professional removals company! Go over your inventory with the estimator.


Can you get a refund on any fee based items? Insurance? Council Tax? Water Rates? Mortgage Indemnities? Club Subscriptions? You may get a pleasant surprise if you ask!

Move jewellery, valuables and financial documents yourself.

Check with your contents insurance company about cover.

Make sure you will be able to bank in your new location, you may have to switch branches or even banks.

Utilities and Services

Give notice to utilities and ensure meters are read on Moving Day - Telephone, Gas, Electric, Water, Broadband, Digital TV

Contact the utilities for your new house and ensure you will have the services you require.

Check for best buy suppliers here.

Consider your other requirements for the new location - Schools, Doctor, Dentist etc


Send out change of address cards to banks, credit companies, insurance companies, employers, local authorities, landlord, friends and family

Cancel Deliveries and Services - Milk, Papers, Fuel, Window Cleaners, Gardeners, Cleaner

Pay the Post Office to reroute mail for 3 or 6 months

Back up important data on your PC

Tell any clubs, schools, cubs, brownies etc that your family attend

Apply in advance to the LEA in your new area for school places

Tidy Up

Clear out your garage, cupboards, basement and loft of any unwanted belongings. Perhaps sell some off at a car boot sale or auction or eBay.

Flammable and dangerous items cannot be shipped.

Use the contents of your fridge, freezer and larder before you move. Most food items cannot be moved.

Make sure all appliances and systems you are selling are serviced and working.

Collect any belonging you have out on loan or at a repairers

Packing the Van

Your removals company will pack your belongings in the van.

Keep until last your kettle, coffee, tea and biscuits, vacuum cleaner and a your kids box that you will need first upon arrival.

If your removals involves an overnight stay en route remember to put your night time essentials and a fresh set of clothes in your car

Pets and Plants

Most removals companies cannot move your pets for you. Consider in advance how you can transport and re house any animals.

Consider only moving your favourite plants.


Involve your kids so they are looking forward to their new house, community, school etc.

Make sure your kids are safely looked after while the removals company staff are at work - they may be moving heavy items and a van is not a safe place for kids.

Have a box of things for the kids that is last into the van and first out again.


Facets Glass is a specialist antique glass repair firm based in London. They repair and replace a variety of antique and modern glass as well as blowing their own glass in a range of colours. They also perform other specialist repair services such as rebristling antique brushes, silver replating and engraving. Email Facets Glass for details.

Packing Checklist

Correct packing will ensure that your belongings are well protected for your move. Many removals companies can offer this service for a reasonable charge.

If you prefer to pack yourself, make sure your belongings are properly packed!

For packing materials see your removals company or Boxes and Bubbles Ltd

Removals wardrobes have a rail to allow your hanging clothes to be moved as-is to minimise creasing.

Breakables should be individually paper wrapped and placed into cartons to avoid breakage.

Pictures and mirrors should be protected in purpose built boxes.

Mattresses and other soft furnishings should be wrapped and sealed in plastic to keep them dry and safe.

Linens should be packed flat in specially designed cartons to keep them clean and ready for use.

Moving Day Packing

Remember to pack an overnight case with sufficient clothing for a day, night attire and bedding too - depending on how long a journey you are making.

Keep a kettle, mugs, tea and biscuits ready to keep everyone refreshed.

Prepare some activities to keep the kids amused while all of this is going on.

Storage Services

Do you need to move out before you move in? You need storage!

Containerised Storage

This is the most common form of storage. The containers are made of wood palletised and can be stacked up on top of each other. They typically provide 250 cubic feet of space over 35 square foot area. These containers will hold most household items.

The main advantage of containerised storage is that many removals companies can bring empty containers direct to your property on a specialist side loading vehicle, and these can be loaded on site, they fork-lift lifts them on and off and so when you call for your goods they will have been handled only twice.

When the container is loaded a full inventory will have been completed for both parties, which will identify the location of the goods and any existing marks or damage.

Containerised storage is a convenient method of storage not only for the convenience and reduced handling involved, their size is such that they will cater for a full house load down to a few small items and you will only pay for the space you use.

Self Storage

Self storage is a growing part of storage service. In most cases you will be able to reverse your vehicle right up to the container/s , therefore you will not have carry your goods along corridors or up lifts.

Many removals companies can arrange van hire as well as blanket and strapping loan, supply packing materials and will even be able to do your packing for you if required.

Archive Storage

For business customers we offer a comprehensive archive storage service, which involves the use of the standard storage container but modified to store up to 100 archive boxes in racking. Alongside this service some companies will offer a file collection and delivery service as well as file destruction.


Take meter readings for Electricity, Gas and Water so you know your account will start correctly. Make sure your utilities are switched on and work.

It might be a good idea to vacuum clean the house before your removals company starts to unpack!

Start by making sure your bedrooms are fit to use if you are arriving late in the day

Keep a key to the new house on you at all times

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