Annabella's review: ESPA Warming Peat Ritual Treatment at Ritz Carlton Powerscourt Ireland


Sep 29, 2013 Bath & Body 2 Comments

Like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde I consider the spa to be my mothership. It’s the place where I can get scrubbed, buffed and pummelled to my heart’s content. Earlier this month I was in Ireland staying at The Ritz Carlton at Powerscourt and booked the ‘Warming Peat Ritual’ signature treatment.

After the initial chat about my health, an offer of cucumber water and being shown the locker/shower room I changed into my robe and slippers and waited for my therapist. Kim took me into our treatment room which was quite dark but very cosy and smelled like aromatic oils but not in an overpowering way. The first thing Kim did was go over my health details and then asked me how I wanted to feel at the end of the treatment. Based on my answer I was given a choice of oils and scrubs to choose from (I could get easily accustomed to this lifestyle).

Like three treatments in one

Kim explained to me what would happen in the treatment is was basically broken down into three parts: full body exfoliation, application of peat mud and wrap including head massage, then full body massage. For this treatment I was completely in the buff. I know a lot of women avoid getting full body treatments because they are uncomfortable and conscious about how they look. I’m happy to say that even though I’m a large woman, I have no problem stripping off because the therapist will have seen it all anyway just like a doctor!

Scrub me tender

Kim got to work with the salts and oils rubbing me down with the pressure of someone three times her size. I explained to her that I like my massages on the rougher side and even though she was very petite she buffed me down and I could hear the scrub making that lovely crunching sound as it was scraped across my skin. After this I was told to have a shower in the little shower room attached. Now this is something I’ve never experienced with other treatments as I’ve usually been hosed down on the table itself. This is fine but can also make you feel like a body in a morgue, so being able to shower was a definite plus.

After drying off I went back onto the table to get my peat mud applied. Peat has a lot of benefits including anti-ageing properties and increases blood and lymph flow to help with cellulite. As you know I love my mud treatments which is what drew me to this in the first place. After applying the peat Kim wrapped me up like a burrito and started massaging my scalp. It was the most intense scalp massage I’ve ever had and at times it hurt but in a good way – I’m a firm believer of no pain no gain when it comes to massages. After I ‘cooked’ in my burrito casing I had to get up and shower off again.

The last part was a full body massage and knowing that I’m a fan of deep tissue, Kim went to town on me and I asked her to concentrate particularly on my legs and feet. After being thoroughly tenderised I was able to get up and taken to the Relaxation Room. The rest of the evening I was in a calm dreamlike state and when my head hit the pillow I was asleep in minutes.

I’ve never been to an ESPA spa before and there were certain touches that made the experience standout:

  • I felt like Kim really enjoyed her job and that she cared how my experience was.
  • The shower room attached to the treatment room is amazing, I could have stayed in there all day!
  • The massage table moved around like a dentist chair so I wasn’t lying flat on my back or stomach the entire time.
  • I never felt rushed and was glad after the treatment I could just sit somewhere to chill out.

I will definitely be checking out other ESPA locations in the future as my experience was fabulous!


  • Laura
    Sep 29, 2013 at 7:03 pm Reply

    Sounds fabulous! I love ESPA products, and have a few at home, but they are no substitute for the full spa works. We usually try to find a hotel with a spa when we go away, so I’ll be on the lookout for one offering this treatment!

    1. Annabella SkinScrubs
      Sep 29, 2013 at 9:51 pm Reply

      I think this treatment is specific to Ireland but it looks like ESPA spas try to include a local signature treatment at their locations.

      The treatment room was fooking amazing and when I win the lottery I’m just going to live at Powerscourt and then I can take the lift down to the spa everyday! :D

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