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People shape places and places shape people. Villages, towns and cities are constantly changing. The local built environment, the buildings, places and spaces around any school, is rich with opportunities to motivate, inspire and challenge children’s ideas about what they know, think and aspire to.

Neighbourhood Journeys is a practical guide for Key Stage 2 teachers on making the most of the local built environment as a context for learning, in and around a school. The activities are achievable in any location, and are designed to deliver the National Curriculum in relevant and stimulating ways.

The tasks are organised into four ‘journeys’ with different destinations and happenings along the way. These are journeys in place and in the imagination, addressing both historical and topical issues and providing opportunities for children to get out and explore their familiar surroundings in new and unfamiliar ways.

By embarking on these journeys, children have the opportunity to experience a range of creative processes and to discover how they can make a difference and affect change in their world. The aim of these investigations is to inspire further opportunities to explore the built environment and develop links with local partners.

The activities take a cross-curricular approach but focus on addressing specific subject objectives. They can be utilised in a variety of ways:

Each journey includes:

Children and teachers from Four Acres and Headley Park Primary Schools worked with CABE to develop these activities and photographs of them engaged on the projects along with some of their completed work have been used to illustrate the text. We hope that you find the material inspiring and enjoy results that are exciting and surprising.

Catherine Williamson & Anna Hart, 2004

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