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Site Visits — What is House Building?

students in hard hats gathered on site

Housing includes newbuild, refurbishment and maintenance of houses, flats and maisonettes in both the private and public sectors. From traditional brick and block and timber frame to modern methods of construction, house building offers a very wide choice of career opportunities.

"Britain is heading for a property shortage of more than a million homes by 2022 unless the current rate of house building is dramatically increased. Demand for extra homes in England is now estimated around 210,000 properties a year, compared with average output from house builders and social housing providers of 154,000 extra homes a year over the past five years. The accumulating gap between demand and output points to a shortfall of 1.1 million homes in 20 years' time."
(source: Joseph Rowntree Foundation from a report entitled 'Land for Housing' published March 2002)
Dennis Lenard, Chief Executive of Constructing Excellence
"Involving young people in house building will assure the future of sustainable communities and Constructing Excellence."
Dennis Lenard, Chief Executive of Constructing Excellence