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Site Visits — The Skills Shortage

construction workers using a theodolite
"The greatest challenge facing the construction industry today is the shortage of skilled labour. The industry needs to recruit at least 76,000 people each year, with an increasingly diverse set of skills, in order to continue producing homes at rates that match consumer demand. In addition, the housing sector, which makes up 36% of the UK construction market, faces competition for that labour from other sectors of the construction industry."
(source: ConstructionSkills)

"The House Builders Federation (HBF) survey of employment in the house building sector (October 2001) found that:

  • 35% of house builders are experiencing shortages of site managers/supervisors and design/technical staff
  • 73% of companies reported that the shortage of suitably skilled site operatives was impacting on their activities
  • 57% are also affected by a shortage of professional staff."
(source: HBF)

To secure an experienced, enthusiastic workforce that young people aspire to and become part of, employers need to attract them as soon as possible by establishing early links with schools.
Various learning experiences fit closely with the National Curriculum and an early positive experience will help raise the profile of the industry with young people.