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Site Visits — Process for a Site Visit

Below is a flow chart showing the recommended process behind organising and carrying out a successful site visit.

School appoints site visit co-ordinator Discuss possibility of a visit to an identified site with CT Discuss possibility of a school visit with SM House builder appoints schools co-ordinator
CT makes initial enquiry visit to site CT and SM discuss activity planner sheet one and outline arrangements SM makes initial enquiry telephone call/visit to school SM completes activity planner sheet one
CT completes activity planner sheet two SM talks to class in school (safety and/or pre-visit preparation) SM carries out risk assessment
CT/SM discuss detailed arrangements for visit SM completes site visit arrangements sheet
CT prepares activity planner sheet two Permissions / Declaration completed and signed by CT and SM SM briefs site staff
CT briefs children Site visit
takes place
SM walks route
Evaluation sheets completed and exchanged Send evaluation sheets sheets to the Housing Forum Key
CT - Class teacher
SM - Site manager