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Site Visits — Prepare for a Site Visit

To ensure consistency and to provide central support it is recommended that the builder nominate a responsible person from the divisional/head office to co-ordinate all arranged site visits. Similarly it is useful if the school appoints a school co-ordinator to act as a point of general contact whilst enabling class teachers to have a closer, and more practical hands-on approach working with the builder's on-site representative.

Before any site visit takes place it is essential for the builder's representative to go to the school and provide a short lesson or activity on general site safety as well as on the issues associated with the specific site. This session will often act as a catalyst for the visit itself or as an opportunity for a follow-up practical curriculum- related activity. In preparation a short meeting between the class teacher and the builder's site representative (usually the site manager) should take place so as to inform the teacher about the nature and content of the lesson and also to have preliminary discussions relating to the visit itself.

This initial session should cover hazards, risks and risk control specific to the visit.

During these preliminary discussions you should use the activity planner sheets which can be photocopied. Use sheet one to identify key areas of the national curriculum and sheet two to plan the actual activity, the preparation required and the identification of resources.