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Site Visits — Case Studies

Lovell Partnerships

Lovell Partnerships Limited has developed a Company Mentoring Scheme involving working in partnership with a national network of schools and colleges. The purpose of the scheme is to develop construction skills and career aspirations for 14 - 18 year olds.
Each regional office utilises its infrastructure, professional expertise and motivational environments to deliver in partnership with educational experts a project-based curriculum, covering all aspects of the construction industry. Regional Youth Boards have been formed by young people from different schools, working together over a two-year period tackling real construction projects to develop a skills portfolio, which will enable them to manoeuvre more effectively in the new knowledge-based economy.
The Lovell Company Mentoring Scheme provides a real foundation for lifelong learning focusing on the following:

  • Self-organisation
  • Reflection and evaluation
  • Interpersonal skills and knowledge
  • Managing risk and learning from failure
  • Information management
  • Thinking skills and progressive problem solving
  • Transferring knowledge

(The Company Mentoring Scheme is fully explained in a Constructing Excellence Case Study entitled 'Lovell invest for the future').

Laing Homes

Laing Homes contacted Loddington Primary School near its development at Mawsley village, Kettering, with details of the SPLAAT safety programme. Two safety presentations were subsequently delivered, with pupils entering competitions to design safety signs and posters, receiving book tokens as prizes. The following term a construction workshop was arranged whereby children constructed a giant tetrahedron in the playground. This was followed by a series of visits to the Laing building site at Mawsley village, where children were introduced to the various stages and techniques in the build process. The programme was extremely popular with the school, and each event generated generous press coverage.

Integer Education Project

The INTEGER Education Project helps to create innovative learning partnerships between construction and education. The project opens up the educational potential of construction, taking classroom activities and relating them to the real world of work, construction and the environment.
"Classrooms of the Future at Telford" involved the two schools actively participating in the design process for the classrooms; firstly as the primary users of the classrooms and secondly, because of the educational potential that the project presented.
"INTEGER Westminster Towers Project" is the creation of the UK's first intelligent and green residential tower block. The INTEGER Westminster Towers Education Project involves children and young people visiting the site at key stages of the refurbishment of the tower block.
(Enabling Concepts - Tel 020 9374 7720)