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Site Visits — A Guide for Arrangements

Students gathered around a 'house'

The site visit arrangement sheet is an aide-memoire for site managers and teachers to complete.
Once copied and exchanged it serves as a useful record and checklist of practical information for the proposed visit.

Purpose of the visit

House builders need to be clear about why the visit is taking place and schools need to ensure that it fits with the national curriculum and with the appropriate key stage.
The purpose should identify the overall aims and objectives - not in too much detail but should be sufficient to focus the minds of everybody involved with the visit. It would be useful to discuss them with staff members who will be directly involved (teachers and site personnel) and others who may wish to make use of the outcomes of the day's visit.

Risk assessment

Items to consider:

  • Health and safety notices
  • Insurance provision
  • Warning tape to mark route
  • Child/Adult ratio
  • Traffic management
  • Keep group sizes to 12 - 15
  • Dos and dont's talk
  • Getting to and from the site
  • PPE
  • Transport arrangements
  • Parental consent
  • Printed information
  • Pre-site visit discussion with teachers
  • Walk route just before visit
  • Clear hazards from proposed route

Itinerary, timings and route

Although the route may be walked at the planning stage, it is important that it is retraced just before the visit takes place to ensure that the timing is about right and appropriate notices and barriers are properly deployed.

Permissions, public relations and photography arrangements

It is recommended that suitable written permission be given by the school and parents of the children for the visit to take place and other PR activities that may ensue. Photographs may be taken for publicity reasons - arrangements and permission for their use needs to be made clear especially with regard to those whose children are actually featured. Similarly, if pupils take photographs (for project purposes) then arrangements for their use needs to be stated. A permissions proforma is included in this guide. It is suggested that the house builder complete part A and forward to the school asking them to complete part B and return to them at the address given at the bottom.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) arrangements

Allow time to secure appropriately sized high visibility jackets, safety helmets and footwear. It may be decided that the school will take the responsibility for ensuring children have stout shoes. If this is the case then it is important to let the school know that under no circumstances will anyone be allowed on site without approved footwear.


Depending on the ages of the children, duration of visit and activities undertaken, suitable drinks and/or food should be provided. Consideration should also be given to where these will be taken.

Promotional products (freebies)

A small memento of the day's visit by way of a free handout is a useful way of keeping the memory of the day in the minds of the children when they return to the classroom.