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Neighbourhood Journeys — Inspiring Young People to Get More From Their Environment

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The built environment is all around us, made up of the cities, towns and villages where we live and work: the buildings, the architecture and the spaces between them. It is a rich learning resource full of clues about our past, who we are and how we got here; and it is a challenge for the future: how we want to live and who we want to be.

CABE Education is dedicated to helping young people better understand the built environments they inhabit, opening their eyes to the way good and bad design affects the quality of their lives. This Teacher's Guide offers practical suggestions for how the built environment can be incorporated into lessons to help you deliver the National Curriculum at Key Stage 2.

The guide was developed in partnership with CABE, Creative Partnerships Bristol, teachers and children from Four Acres Primary School and Headley Park Primary School and local people and partners in the Hartcliffe and Withywood area of Bristol.

All these ideas have been developed and tested in close collaboration with teachers. They are designed to be practical and motivating, to help you inspire children, no matter how unpromising their neighbourhoods might at first seem, to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

We very much hope that these teaching materials help you to excite your pupils to look again at the world they live in and to begin to realise that they have the potential to make it better.