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Event Evaluation

Download the questionnaire

ConstructionSkills have introduced a new method for evaluating the effectiveness of events in 2007 in the form of an post event questionnaire. By asking the students about the views they held before the event and how these may have changed afterwards, ConstructionSkills will be able to track the success of different event formats.

This is important as we must be able to measure our effectiveness in educating young people about the Construction Industry to make sure National Construction Week is meeting its objectives.

All ConstructionSkills organised events will be using this questionnaire for evaluation. If you are an external organisation holding an event and would like to contribute to this evaluation please download the questionnaire and return the questionnaire to:

Karen Wheeler
Charnwood Wing
Holywell Park
Ashby Road
LE11 3GJ

Young people can also complete the forms online by finding the event on the NCW website and clicking on the "evaluation" links.

It might help to build 5 minutes into your agendas at the end of the events, to ensure there is time to complete these forms.

Please Note: ConstructionSkills will not be able to use questionnaires with different questions, otherwise it is not possible to measure the change in young peoples' perceptions.