What is the "Maternitywear Exchange"?

The "Maternitywear Exchange" was founded by Miriam Blazey in 1999. It is a Dress Agency and Clearance Outlet for New and Nearly New maternity clothes for customers in the UK and abroad, sold at discounted prices. It is operated as a pleasant shopping experience for mums-to-be to browse through a large selection of good quality maternitywear offered at good prices. The clothes can be bought, worn for 6-9 months and then re-sold on a commission basis through the Exchange for the next generation of mums-to-be. For more about us click here

Where can I find the "Maternitywear Exchange"?

The Exchange is based in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, England. It is operated from home as one of its core beliefs was to offer a friendly cost-effective service to the local community and that was best offered from home, without the expense and overheads of a shop. We are ideally situated for visitors from London - Bourne End is on a branch line from Marylebone; and we are on the borders of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire as Bourne End is situated between the M4 and M40 motorways and is only 10 miles from the M25.

What can I expect to buy?

We aim to stock the largest selection of new and nearly new clothing in the UK. We stock all clothing needs for the pregnant woman: casual including jeans and T-shirts; breast-feeding tops; swimwear and sportswear; skirts, trousers and dresses; nightwear; business suits and eveningwear. In the catalogue our stock is divided into easily searchable categories such as Blouses, T-shirts, skirts, dresses, suits, shorts etc. All clothing is shown with their manufacturer, size, description and MRRP (manufacturers recommended retail price - what the shops list price would be).

How do I use the catalogue?

The database lists hundreds of items. Every item has a unique code. Therefore to help find the items you want we have set up several ways to search the contents.

By category and then by size

The categories show all the stock by size (UK sizes e.g. 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20+ . For sizes 12 & 14, as the most popular sizes, this can run into several pages so please be patient.

Using your pre-pregnancy size for your maternity clothes needs is not fool-proof. Because all pregnancies are different, babies sit in different positions, women change shape and believe it or not, not all manufacturers cut the same sizes, you may also want to look at sizes up or down from your usual.

Can I buy "out of season" stock?

Yes! One of the advantages of the Exchange is that there is stock coming in all the time so if you are going on holiday to a hot resort and it is March in the UK you can buy your holiday wardrobe before the shops have their stock, and of course make a great saving as well! If you are visiting us to buy out of season clothes it would help us and you if you can give us 48 hours notice and let us know what you are interested in. All stock is kept on-site but it would give us time to check its condition before we present it to you.