There are many ways that hypnosis can be used as a therapeutic tool, and the wide variety of training schools reflects these viewpoints.


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Hypnotherapy allows access to our subconscious inner resources, the place where healing and latent power are encountered and utilised to allow new learning. This is effective for a wide range of habits and conditions that have often proved difficult for traditional medical treatments. More information available from The Hypnotherapy Association and Servis.


We train the practitioner to guide the clients on a journey of discovery, helping them to balance their lives with the use of Self-Hypnosis and often enabling new levels of confidence to spill over from the initial area of treatment to many other levels.


Ethically, we are committed to the client’s right to self-determination and strive to ensure their conscious involvement at all stages of therapy, in stark contrast to the "power" hypnosis of most stage shows.


Hypnotherapy 'Could Provide Effective Treatment For Irritable Bowel Syndrome'
Swedish researchers claim they've found an alternative treatment to ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) that doesn't involve popping pills or making diet changes - hypnosis.


I became interested in hypnosis after personally experiencing its many benefits. I decided to take this one step further by taking a Self-Hypnosis Course at The Lifeforce School of Hypnotherapy in London. After being inspired by my own success, I soon became aware of wanting to use my skills to help other people.


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Self-hypnosis class launches for stressed Kirkby folk

PEOPLE who are feeling stressed out are being invited to take part in a new self-hypnosis and meditation course in Kirkby.



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