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IEP Writer 3 is the updated version of our best-selling computer program and has many new features. Users of the original IEP Writer program can upgrade to IEP Writer 3 at special prices.

All the features of IEP Writer 2plus much more, including:

Choice of Primary and Secondary Package.
Maths and Literacy Targets linked to National Curriculum Levels.
Early Level Targets linked to P Levels.Used Laptops
Foundation Level available with targets linked to the Early Learning Goals and Stepping Stones.
Learn How Publications is a Curriculum Online registered retailer and Content Provider. IEP Writer 3 can now be purchased with e-learning credits.
See IEP Writer 3 page for more information.


The Press

"Installing the software is easy, and the format is good.
IEP writer offers two big advantages. One is the straightforward production of a professional-looking individual education plan which has been amended to fit the child, resources in school and the support time available. The other is quick and easy access to complete records."
Special Children Magazine

"Individual Education Plans for special educational needs pupils can be written in minutes with IEP Writer."
TES Online Magazine

"Easy to use, quick and efficient, professionally produced documents. If you have the money, buy it!"
Special Needs Information Press Newsletter

"IEP Writer is friendly software.
It's an excellent package that offers both ready-made phrases and the opportunity to put in your own words without difficulty.
Stick it in your PC and get going right away."
TES Special Magazine

"A recent program, IEP Writer (Learn How Publications) provides statements for literacy, maths and behaviour and is proving popular with schools who have bought it .... The SENCO can create generic IEPs quickly, for customisation by colleagues."
Judith Stansfield, Special! Magazine (NASEN)


"Very Impressive. The finished IEPs contain all the necessary information."

"Buying IEP Writer was a good move for this school."

"I like the layout and the targets are helpful to teachers."

LEA Advisors

"A large number of schools in our LEA have got IEP Writer now, and we have found that it is helping our statementing process."

"As more schools are buying IEP Writer, there is more continuity for pupils transferring from one school to another. Is is helpful for the transition from primary to secondary schools."


"I build my life round your programs"

"IEP Writer is everything a teacher, who has to write IEPs, could want."

"One of the best tools I have ever bought."

"It is also useful because it can be customised to suit your needs."

"IEP Writer is quick to use and easily adaptable, and there is good support."

"IEP Writer is an excellent program. It lists SMART targets and gives clear achievement criteria as well as suggestions for the support assistants. I have been using it since May and in that time it must have saved me hours!"

"I went to a demonstration of IEP Writer and I came out skipping."

"I was feeling very down last week and thinking about giving up my SENCO job. After seeing IEP Writer I feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel."

"I ordered it without seeing it. I was desperate. I was just about to take on the role of SENCO - a daunting prospect -getting IEP Writer was like winning the lottery."

"Buying IEP Writer is the only thing my staff have said I've done right!"

"This program gets better every time I use it!"


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