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IEP Writer 3IEP Writer 3 is the newest version of our easy-to-use computer program for producing Individual Education Plans. It produces detailed IEPs of a highly professional standard in a fraction of the time normally taken.

IEP Writer is currently being used successfully by thousands of schools, colleges, nursery, schools, PRUs, special schools and support services.

  •  Complete, detailed IEPs created in minutes.
  •  Written by teachers for teachers.
  •  Easy to use - get started straight away.
  •  Saves time - hours of typing replaced by a few clicks  of the mouse.
  •  For students from Nursery to 16+.
  •  Past IEPs are saved for record-keeping and monitoring progress.
  •  Layout, appearance and content of the IEP can be customised.
  •  School or LEA logos can be added.
  •  Program start up can be password protected.
  •  'Find Word' button provided so that targets can be located quickly.
  •  Technical support is provided.
  •  Single User, Five User and Whole Site Licences available.
  •  IEP Writer 3 can be purchased with e-learning credits.
  •  Compatible with the current Code of Practice, National Curriculum, National Literacy  and Numeracy Strategies Medical Insurance from Brokers Online

IEP Writer 3 can be used for:

  •  Individual Education Plans.
  •  Group Education Plans.
  •  Reviews.
  •  Target setting for all pupils - not just SEN

The IEP Writer 3 Target Banks

IEP Writer 3 Primary and IEP Writer 3 Secondary each contain thousands of SMART targets written in a progression. Every target is accompanied by the relevant criterion for success; suggested resources for target achievement; realistic strategies for the busy class teacher and ideas for support staff.

There are also suggested ideas for the parent / carer and for the student. Any of the wording in IEP Writer 3 can be edited by the user and extra targets can be added. Target lists can be printed out and distributed to relevant staff for discussion.

System Requirements

  •  To run IEP Writer 3 you need an IBM compatible computer running Windows 95 or  above.
  •  IEP Writer can be used as stand-alone or in conjunction with Microsoft Word.
  •  Site Licence versions of the program can be run on networks if required.

How is IEP Writer 3 different from previous versions of the program?

IEP Writer 3 contains all the features of previous versions PLUS:

  •  Separate Primary and Secondary Packages
     Targets, wording and content are specifically designed for the different age groups.

  •  Targets Labelled with National Curriculum Levels
     The Literacy, Maths and Behaviour target banks have been expanded and revised.  Literacy and Maths targets are labelled with National Curriculum Levels where relevant.  (These levels can be made to appear on the IEP or on the computer screen only. They  can be hidden if required.)

  •  Early Level Targets Labelled with P-Levels
     English, Maths and PSHE targets are labelled from P1(i) to P8. (These levels can be  made to appear on the IEP or on the computer screen only. They can be hidden if  required.)

  •   Foundation Target Bank for Nursery and Reception
     The Foundation target bank is included in the Primary package. Targets are linked to  the Early Learning Goals and Stepping Stones.

  •  Student's Own Target Sheet
     A separate target sheet is provided for the student to keep for reference. It contains "I  will…"
     statements and has space for the student to add strategies, comments, outcomes,  etc.

  •  Group Education Plans
     Group plans can be produced and targets can be copied from one student's file to  another.

  •  Merge option
     Targets for a particular student can be written by different teachers and can then be  merged into a
     single IEP for the student.

  •  IEP Reviews
     Input boxes are provided so that information recorded on the Review Form is now  stored within the program. A Review dates prompt is provided.

  •  Extra target banks
     Additional blank tabs are included so that the user can create and save extra target  banks, e.g.
     Science, Gross Motor Skills, etc.

  •  New Look Input Screens
     Newly designed input forms allow extra student information to be recorded. Input boxes  can be
     renamed or hidden as required. Conventional Windows menu structure has been used.

  •  Batch printing
     A number of IEPs can be created and stored, then printed as a batch rather than having
     to be produced and printed one at a time.

  •  Record keeping
     An overview sheet can be printed out to monitor pupils' progress. This sheet lists the  targets from all
     the previous IEPs for a particular pupil, together with the outcomes.

  •  Manual
     A comprehensive on-screen manual is provided.



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