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Welcome to the Equine Podiatry website. Equine podiatry is not about just trimming the horse’s foot; it encompasses much more than that. In equine podiatry we are taught that the correct stimulus from the surrounding environment and owner commitment are the main deciding factors in achieving high shoeless performance. Equine podiatry aims to find practical ways to give your horse the best foot possible. Our work is based on the premise that developing correct structure in the foot will allow it to function properly and thus increase performance.
When treating a horse, we evaluate the whole picture by educating the owner on the correct environment, diet, and exercise required to achieve a healthy foot with correct structure in order to perform to today’s high demands of domestication.

The hoof trim is only applied as necessary and may not be performed at each visit or once a healthy foot has been achieved, as given the correct environment most horses will naturally self trim. During the trim the foot will be correctly balanced thus allowing maximum function and support of each structure. Every foot is balanced individually.
The equine podiatry code of ethics is as follows: never should living tissue be invaded; always work toward returning proper function to the foot, but not at the expense of the comfort of the horse; time is a dimension and a valuable tool that should be used to full advantage; inducing trauma to increase circulation should never be entertained; modern hoof repair should be kept to a minimum and limited to placing the foot’s working systems safely back into equilibrium

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