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Welcome to the Local Country Parks website. Find out about your local country park and all the facilities available to you. A person hasn't truly experienced the wonders of England, if they haven't taken a walk through the splendour of one of our country parks. Whether it's the delicate nature of the fauna all around, or the tranquil vistas of the flora and foliage, a walk in an English country park is one worth taking. England has some beautiful gardens and parks that can be enjoyed by the entire family, for relaxation, for play and for picnics. Whether you have babies, toddlers or teenagers, your local country park will offer special amenities to ensure everyone in the family has a great time. Local parks are the perfect locations for young families to get away from towns and cities and spend a lovely weekend or holiday in peace. Traveling with children doesn't have to mean you are stressed out and on edge the entire time.

English country parks are one of the best forms of nature conservation. These parks presuppose the absolute lack of any farming or material activity, including even research and production of minerals, as well as mass-tourism. There are numerous prominent and famous parks throughout the country which play a wonderful role for the security of sacred and rare animal species. The history of country parks in England is linked to conservation. Pioneer country parks were made in order to protect some rare species of birds and animals. At the same time the primary goal of country parks is to protect and save certain eco systems. If you have any questions about Local Country Parks, please get in touch.

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