Women's Hair Loss

There is little doubt that women’s hair loss happens as time passes and as they age they are bound by some varying degree of loss of hair but what worries women most is the intolerable stigma associated with this type of condition.

When it comes to women losing their hair there are certain patterns that occur which includes a condition known as where a diffuse shedding of hair from the scalp happens and it might also happen on other parts of her body. It might occur because of a great amount of stress on the physical system of the body or on the hormonal system or in reaction to specific medications and can happen at any age.

A woman’s hair loss condition such as this might begin very suddenly and then get better on its own within roughly 6 months though for some unfortunate individuals it may be chronic. It is simple to diagnose these women as being over anxious or neurotic since it develops some time after the triggering event and leads to a general thinning of the hair rather than causing bald patches and a silver lining within a dark cloud is that it does improve with time.

Hair loss is related closely to the growth cycle of the hair that might alternate from Hair Lossgrowing and resting phase and when such a woman’s hair loss condition happens, and the hair will stay on the follicleuntil such time as newer hairs grow out.

Naturally, women’s hair loss is a condition that can be devastating to the woman involved yet there is no need to panic because it is possible to treat the condition and not have to suffer as a consequence of the period obviously, it shouldn’t come as a great surprise to realize that women’s hair loss is a common phenomenon and it is thought that as many as 30% of women are stricken and the number seems to grow more over time.

Women’s hair loss is a situation that makes the woman’s experience many times more difficult than in the case of men and with very little useful information about hair loss available on this particular subject the situation ishighly aggravated and it is further compounded by the lack of specific knowledge that the average doctor might have about women’s hair loss conditions which has resulted in a sad state of affairs in the medical system today.

Are you recovering from a major surgery or severe infection? Then don’t be shocked by excessive hair fall. Some drugs used for treating gout, heart problems, arthritis or acne may cause temporary hair shedding. Drugs used for cancer or chemotherapy stops hair cell division. The patient may lose all his hair during the course of the treatment, but will regain his hair after the treatment stops some months later.

Diet plays an important role for inadequate growth of hair and hair loss. Hair loss symptoms are noticed in people who go in for crash diets and develop protein malnutrition in the process. So think twice before going in for a severe diet regime. Iron deficiency or inadequate protein intake may result in hair loss or hair thinning.

Are you stressed because of a sudden loss in the family? Is work too hectic and strenuous? Don’t ignore such situations as these can cause temporary contact hair loss.
Notice severe hair loss symptoms, each time you colour or dye your hair.

Now that you know the causes, be confident and look for hair loss products and hair loss solutions to get back on track.