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Multimedia Service Bureau

Graphic Persuasion creates all of the elements contained within our programs. Many clients require only a particular element - a Video clip, Midi tag or a Logo to add to their in-house Power Point presentation.

Graphic Persuasion is pleased to meet these needs by providing high quality Image and video digitizing - editing services, Custom Graphics and CD-ROM mastering / duplication services. We even provide technical support for your hardware and software on a contract basis.

Click here to contact Graphic Persuasion or call Graphic Persuasion at 310.477.4005 for an exact quote on your needs.

Audio, Video and Photo Digitizing and Editing

Today's presentations require impact. Your audience grew up with MTV and Star Wars. Special effects are expected. Graphic Persuasion can digitize almost anything for inclusion in your presentation.

Computer to Video Conversion:

  • Computer Program Demonstration / Instructional Videos.
  • Underscan, Overscan, Pan / Scan and Zoom.

Video Digitizing:

  • Import VHS or Hi 8 Video to Computer.
  • Save as *.AVI, *.FLI, *.FLC - 30fps / 320 X 240 / True Color.
  • Editing Available.

Photo Digitizing and Editing:

  • 24 and 36 bit, 72 - 2400 dpi scanning.
    Enhancing and editing, most file formats available.
  • 16 to 16 million Colors.
  • Almost any file format, in or out!
  • Enhancements, Sizing, Additions
    and Subtractions.

Audio Digitizing:

  • Almost any source audio format.
  • Converted to 8 or 16 bit digitized audio.



CD-ROM Mastering and Duplication

Virtually every computer sold since 1993 has been equipped with a CD reader of some type. CD's have become the most common and accepted method of transporting large amounts of data such as Multimedia, Digitized Photos, Audio and Video.

Graphic Persuasion is extremely pleased to provide CD Rom mastering and duplication services for all popular formats including CD Rom (ISO 9660), CD-I, CD XA and CD DA at a substantial discount. We offer several Mastering / Duplication packages that range from 1 to 10,000 units.


Custom Graphics

Graphic Persuasion blends custom graphics and full color artwork into the perfect image. Productions include magazines, trifolds, corporate image packages and financial prospectus. Even the best ideas look better with Graphic Persuasion.










Technical Support

We provide technical support to our clients for their existing hardware and software on a contract basis. Please call  310.477.4005 for more information.

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