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Electronic Documents  - Print on Demand Solutions


Example of data re-mapping and form overlay to create multiple documents
from original print spool file - sent once to printer!!

Graphic Persuasion produces a wide variety of Electronic Document and Print On Demand Solutions for the IBM AS/400 and other mid and main-frame computers - targeting high speed laser printers.

Our applications wait for a specific "trigger" in the printer spool file. Data after the trigger is re-mapped and overlaid with the form image, barcode, MICR and more as appropriate. Documents are then printed from your laser printer on plain paper at a cost to you of less than 1 cent per page! Applications can re-map your existing print spool files into direct mailer's, payroll and vendor checks, instant letterhead or almost any combination of your data and forms that meets your needs.

General Pricing: Create 1 electronic form for use with your existing laser printer - $750.00 - $1,250. (Installation extra.) Click here to jump to our estimate form, or call Graphic Persuasion at 310.477.4005 for an exact proposal to meet your electronic document needs. 


Applications: Features and Benefits:
  • Checks with MICR!!
  • Shipping Lables with Barcode.
  • Logo's and Letterhead on demand.
  • Multi-part Forms.
  • Multi-page Forms.
  • Works with no changes to Print Spool File!!
  • Eliminate Pre-Printed Forms and related headaches!!
  • Prints at rated speed of laser printer!
  • No Maintenance Required!
  • Upgrade all forms in all departments over your network - in seconds!


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