Stonewall’s University Guide is for lesbian, gay and bisexual prospective students and all those in between. It will help you to choose a university that will welcome you and support you in being yourself.

We have scored universities against a ten-point checklist of things we think universities should have in place. The checklist has been compiled from information available on university and students’ union websites. It’s important that when universities put provisions in place for lesbian, gay and bisexual students and staff, they talk about it too – and while not publishing this information online doesn’t mean a university isn’t gay friendly, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the good work going on to champion equality.

If you are a current staff member or student and you think our information is incorrect, please let us know, sending a link to where the information is displayed and we will amend the university’s details. You can contact us at university@stonewall.org.uk.

You can also register and log in to add comments in the ‘Tell us more’ section. These are all moderated by Stonewall and we can’t guarantee everything will be included. If you’re applying for university, register now to build up a shortlist of universities and compare what each can provide for you!