Machine Engineering

EngineeringMachine Engineering is a small engineering business situated in England.  We have been manufacturing machinery  for twenty nine years, both on a sub-contract and own-product basis.We produce machines both exclusively for agricultural dealers and machines which are marketed under the Machine Engineering flag.

Please note: When ordering our products, please be aware that fittings, colours, weights etc. may change slightly from those advertised.  Please discuss these with us before purchasing.  Where an option is available, specify your requirements.

Smallholders who keep livestock have the perennial problem of what to do with the muck. Barrowing it from yard to fields is backbreaking and tiresome: there is a better way that imitates our big brother the full scale farmer.

This Smallholder Spreader is a scaled down version of well proven designs used all over the country but with a capacity more suited to your waste problem and capable of being construction machinery for sale driven by a small tractor of 30 hp.  Park it by the pens or loose box and fill daily. 

Like other smallholder products manufactured by Machine Engineering (the topper and trailer) this design is noted for its robustness, ease of maintenance and very good value for money.  It will give many year's of satisfactory service.  And perhaps you will enjoy muck spreading again!