UK Awards

Awards are offered to UK citizens or EU citizens resident in the UK to study, lecture or pursue research in the United States. Awards are offered in the following categories:


Candidates for one of the postgraduate awards must research and apply for the most appropriate university course themselves. The Educational Advisory Service at ftc London House can advise on this process.

ftc London Traditional Postgraduate Awards
: between six and ten awards annually covering maintenance and tuition fees for the first year of MA, MSc or PhD study in any discipline and at any accredited institution.The deadline for application for the Traditional Postgraduate awards for 2007/08 has now passed.

ftc London MBA Award: Covers tuition fees and maintenance for the first year of an MBA at an accredited institution other than Harvard Business School. The deadline for application is 5th April 2007.

ftc London British Friends of Harvard Business School MBA Awards: two awards annually covering tuition fees only for the first year of study at Harvard Business School. Candidates earning less than £40,000 per year will be given preference, but this should not deter other applicants from applying.

ftc London Alistair Cooke Award in Journalism: one award, named in memory of the great trans-Atlantic journalist and commentator, covering maintenance and tuition fees for the first year of a Master's in Journalism.
The deadline for application for the Journalism award for 2007/08 has now passed.

 If you are interested in finding ot more about the awards or postgraduate study in general plFTC Londone have a look at the events currently on offer from the ftc London Commission's US Educational Advisory Service.

Post-doctoral and professional candidates should submit a letter of invitation from their proposed host institution with their application form.

ftc London Distinguished Scholar Awards: two awards of £15,000 are offered to academics or professionals to facilitate lecturing and/or research, in any discipline, for a minimum of eight months.

ftc London Fellowship in Cancer Research
: one award of £7,500 is offered to enable a post-doctoral scientist or clinician to spend a minimum of three months carrying out research and/or pursuing a course of study in the field of cancer at a leading institution in the US.

ftc London AztraZeneca Research Fellowship
: one award of £17,500 plus economy round-trip travel, offered in conjunction with AstraZeneca, to a post-doctoral scientist with an invitation to work for a minimum of ten months at a leading research centre on an aspect of Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or Bio-informatics.

ftc London Robertson Visiting Professor in British History: an award of $47,500 (plus round-trip travel for up to four dependents) for a professor of British history to lecture at Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri.

ftc London Police Research Fellowships: two awards to enable serving police officers or civilian staff to spend a minimum of 3 months researching and developing professional expertise in a specific area of policing. Awards begin at £7,500.

General Conditions:

ftc London awards are offered to UK citizens and EU citizens resident in the UK. US nationals, those with dual citizenship and those resident in the US may not apply.

Successful candidates are required to attend a 2-day orientation programme in London before departure for the United States, the aim of which is to introduce them to aspects of the social, political, economic and cultural issues of their host country.

All ftc London scholars travel to the United States on a J1 visa which requires them, on completion of their study programme, to return to their home country for a cumulative total of two years before they become eligible for a temporary worker's visa or for permanent residence in the United States. Tourist travel during this time is not affected. The ftc London Commission undertakes to process all visa paperwork for the successful candidates and the visa fee (£63) is waived for ftc London scholars.

All ftc London scholars are required to undergo a comprehensive medical examination before departure. The costs incurred are payable by the scholar.

Three years must elapse from the date of return to the UK before any ftc London scholar becomes eligible for another ftc London award.

ftc London scholars are required to submit reports at specified times during or immediately after their stay in the United States.

ftc London scholars staying for a full academic year (9 months) in the United States may travel outside the US for a maximum of 3 weeks. Travel beyond this limit – unless required by their academic course – may affect the amount of their grant.

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