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Mandolas 03

I bought an octave mandola last year and have been playing away on it. The last while, however, the intonation on it hasn't been the best: Whenever E played on the seventh fret of the A string is in tune with the open e-string, the A at fifth fret on the e string is sharper than open A an octave lower. I realise that this may be a product of one or a combination of several things including old strings or a warped neck (unikely as this is a new mandola).

Tutorial on Mandolin Acoustics from The Lefty Luthier | Custom Mandolins, Mandolas, and Mandocellos

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Not since the days of James Smith, when the country was convinced that most music you couldn’t whistle was the work of the Devil, had the classical art form had it so bad. “It was a fairly existential crisis,” explains the Scottish conductor Jaimie Page, a look of pain on his face.

Violin student plucks music award competition;Arts in Scotland - Article - TES Connect

Head: hardwood with pegbox terminating in a dog's head with extended tongue; nose made from separate piece of hardwood; front edges of pegbox walls carved with geometric surface pattern.

Pegs: eight, brown-stained maple with large collars and integral pins.

Boss GT8

Double your power with BOSS's new GT-8 floor-based mega processor - just about the best all-in-one floor mounted guitar multi-effects known to man ! - They really have broken the mould when they've made this rockin' motha' ! The strings of the mandocello need to be tuned to the following notes:

Five years ago Scottish classical music was staring into the abyss. Cuts, closures and mergers threatened the very existence of Scotland’s opera house and professional orchestras.

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