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Welcome to the UK’s leading flight experience operator, Flyagra.co.uk. If you are looking directly for private jet charter please contact them directly. We currently run courses for the British Airline Pilots Association, the IFALPA and the Pilot Jobs Network.

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  • We cover the whole range of licences from Private Pilot's (including microlights), through Commercial Pilot's to Air Transport Pilot's and include both civil and military training.

  • We tell you as much as we can about new rules and regulations, as soon as we can.

  • We explain them in simple language so that would-be pilots and readers whose first language is not English do not feel left out by jargon they can't understand.

  • We also concentrate on safety and airfield issues and on news about aviation in general.

  • We welcome articles by people involved in aviation training, either as providers or receivers - and Letters to the Editor, for the paper or on-line version, or both. material is best sent by e-mail, or on a standard floppy disk in both Text and Doc Ascii formats; we can take both Mac and PC formatted disks and authors will be credited.