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At Columbia Aircraft the customers were the lifeblood and they were always eager to hear and share customers experiences of our aircraft. Whether you're a Columbia owner or have just been lucky enough to fly one, customers were encouraged to share their experience.

The Columbia Experience - by John Plaza, President Seattle Biodiesel LLC

As a commercial pilot with over 15,000 hours in airplanes ranging from a Piper Super Cub to a Boeing 747, the Columbia 400 is one of the most enjoyable airplanes I have ever flown. I would equate it to driving a fine European sports car such as a Ferrari or Porsche. Precise handling, superior avionics and just plain fun are the top of the list for this aircraft. Thanks for having such a fine airplane available for us clients like myself to rent from Galvin Aviation.

John Plaza
President/ Founder
Seattle Biodiesel, LLC

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Point A to Point B, Columbia Style – by Steven Kirsh, Attorney

I have flown for 20 years and have nearly 3500 hours in a twin Cessna. Previous to owning my Columbia 350, I used my airplane as a business tool. It was just a way to get from point A to B more quickly. Owning the Columbia 350 has changed that. The Columbia 350 is still a business tool and it still gets me from A to B more quickly (on about 1/3 the fuel), but one I love to use. It's the difference between driving to work in a Ford Escort and a BMW.

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Very truly yours,

Steven M. Kirsh

" awesome training experience with a superb instructor."

"When you buy a Columbia one of the great experiences is attending the factory training course. You get an awesome training experience with a superb instructor who knows the Columbia inside and out."

Max Mitchell
Columbia Owner

Flying to Sun n' Fun in my Columbia 400 -- aviation at its natural best!

I left Arizona at 9:45 a.m. and landed in Lake Charles, LA 4 hours 20 minutes later for some great fried catfish. Then I flew to Plant City, FL in 2 hours 30 minutes. Coming down the Florida coast, I was cruising at 17,500 feet, burning 16.5 gallons of fuel per hour, and doing 262 knots with 60-knot tail winds across the gulf!

Now THAT's cool!"

Dan Koury

"I can say without a doubt it is my favorite airplane to fly."

"I sold my second T210 last September and purchased the Columbia. It will be my last airplane. I can say without a doubt it is my favorite airplane to fly."

Don Lindell
Vero Beach, FL

"If you are thinking of getting your pilots license or instrument rating, there is no better platform to do it in than a Lancair Columbia."

"The Columbia line of aircraft are fantastic aircraft to fly and to teach. Just 4 months ago, I taught an owners son who was 15 how to land an airplane. His first landing was in his dad's Columbia 400. It was a greaser! Yep, no kidding. It handles like a dream in crosswinds and is very stable. If you are thinking of getting your pilots license or instrument rating, there is no better platform to do it in than a Columbia."

J. Robert Moss, ATP/CFII
Lancair Factory Authorized Instructor
Santa Monica, CA

It's The Talk of the Airport!

Yesterday, as I came back from a training flight and taxied off 19 Left, I was handed off to ground. He gave the taxi instructions, but as I taxied he
jokingly asked if I could taxi over to the tower and pick him up for a flight. Of course, I said "sure", but I would give him a flight in the Columbia 400 instead.

"Are you the one flying 169HT?" he asked, "The plane already has a reputation here".

"Yes, as a matter of fact I am", I answered.

"What are the speeds of that plane?"

"235kts at FL250".

The next thing he said interested me: He said all of the controllers have been following the plane on radar and they cannot believe the speeds that are showing up.

"You are coming in at jet speeds when you are inbound", he said, "It is the talk of the airport!"

Columbia Customer

Columbia chops the ETE by at least a third

"Raw speed is what I was looking for. As it turns out, that is only part of the great Columbia package. I fly back and forth between my home in PA and my condo in Telluride, CO. My old Cessna T206H was way too leisurely for these trips. The Columbia chops the ETE by at least a third, especially if there's a headwind, as there usually is. Speed, comfort, safety, range, great avionics and eventually de-icing. Unbeatable."

Meadville, PA
Columbia 400 N989MD

The Ticket for Cross-Country Flights

"I have been flying the SR/22 since it was first released, and for me there was no comparison once I got a good look at the Columbia and had made the decision for a turbo charged airplane. I have a lot of family back on the east coast and wanted something that would not only deal with high mountains and density altitude issues on the west coast, but could put me on the east coast in a day. I really needed the flexibility of more for both terrain and weather. The 400 was just the ticket."

Steve Masters
Kent, WA

Exceeded All Of My Expectations

"I started flying in the 70's as a teenager, and did not fly again until about 5 years ago. Now I am co-owner of Columbia 400 N401CM. The plane has exceeded all of my expectations. I don't know how anyone with a half a million bucks could fly anything else."

Randy Clark
Pediatric Anesthesiologist
Denver, CO

"I have a new appreciation for A/C and flying."

I have just had the experience of my life with a real "environmental system" in my 350.

I learned to fly in 1973 in Virginia and have sweated my way through 4 Mooneys, 2 Bonanzas and 18 months with my 350.

My BMW does not have a system equal to the A/C system in my 350. Since the install by Brian Wood at Aerosport in FL I have flown over 50 hours .

I have a new appreciation for A/C and flying. The A/C offers a level of comfort way beyond the Bose headsets I have. Imagine closing the doors at start up and relaxing in an environmentally controlled cabin at a temperature you choose. This blows my mind. Imagine descending from 10,000' to a sea level airport with a 95 degree temp and not even knowing how warm and humid it is until you open the door.

Now combine the comfort of Bose headsets with a cabin at a comfortable temperature and truly you will arrive relaxed and alert.

Philip Tyson
Sarasota FL

Incredible Climb Performance At High Altitudes

"Even though I studied all the stuff I could find on the 400 performance before I bought it, I wasn't anticipating the incredible climb performance at high altitudes...over 1000 feet per minute even at 23,000 feet. It only takes 15 minutes from sea level to 20,000. It is so quick and easy to get up there...and often smooth as silk. You'll find yourself doing it even on CAVU days with MEAs of 4000 feet."

Art Schwalge
Columbia 400 N4468F

"The Columbia 400 is a thrilling piece of transportation, and an experience you don't want to end."

I have never been able to find a negative quality about the Columbia, and that is amazing. It always lands well, and lands well in many different situations. This is because of something called wing loading, which is the weight per square foot that the wing supports. The Columbia has a high wing loading, which translates to a smoother ride in turbulence and faster speeds… speeds as high as 250 knots! The airplane is so aerodynamic; it is less affected by winds from different angles. The amount of fuel that the plane holds, as well as the speeds on a fuel burn are impressive... The Columbia 400 is a thrilling piece of transportation, and an experience you don't want to end.

Jason Lauchner
Flight Operations, Columbia Southwest

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The Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (now part of Cessna)

Type: privately-held company | Industry: general aviation / light aircraft | Founded in 1980s | Headquarters in Bend, Oregon

Most notable Aircraft Columbia 300 | Columbia 350 | Columbia 400

Key Executives were

  • Mr. Wan Abd Majid Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Lance Neibauer - President
  • Mr. Rich Reighard - Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Michael Culver - Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Carl Young - Chief Restructuring Officer