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Columbia 400 Aircraft

Columbia 400

All pilots aspire to fly higher, faster and farther than every other mortal - especially those in your own social circles or hangar row.

If you're one of the elite few with the means and burning executive jets desire to own the world's fastest certified piston single in production today, then now is the time to dispose of lesser aircraft and seize the plane that has no equal - Carpe Speedem.

The Columbia 400 is fast, urgent cargo. Call it what you want Mach .42, 235 knots, 270 mph or just plain 'screamin' - only Uncle Sam has wings that can match the Columbia 400 combination of service ceiling, raw speed and cross country range - but he won't let you take your clubs.

"We'll build a Columbia 400 with your choice of options and with the combination of custom colors that suits your fancy. We recommend Racing Green - it's the color of envy. "


standard equipement

The Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (now part of Cessna)

Type: privately-held company | Industry: general aviation / light aircraft | Founded in 1980s | Headquarters in Bend, Oregon

Most notable Aircraft Columbia 300 | Columbia 350 | Columbia 400

Key Executives were

  • Mr. Wan Abd Majid Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Lance Neibauer - President
  • Mr. Rich Reighard - Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Michael Culver - Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Carl Young - Chief Restructuring Officer