Columbia Aircraft

Columbia 350

Columbia 350

Perhaps you've been a pilot for years. Maybe you're like many other pilots/aircraft owners who have been on an odyssey to own the hottest bird on the ramp but it always seemed just out of reach.

Call it providence, serendipity or just plain luck but today, destiny and reality collide. The Columbia 350 can be configured, built to your specifications and in your hangar in as few as 90 days.

Cost effective air taxi and charter.

Choose the state-of-the-art avionics suit, the interior accoutrements, and the show car quality custom paint scheme you desire because the journey is over – you can now own what others only dream about.

The Columbia 350 is not the mass-produced sports car of the industry, it's a high-quality custom-built hot rod. In fact, we think you'll see the similarity between our stylish gull-wing doors and those on some Italian muscle cars.

"Go ahead and paint your bird Ferrari Red and don't worry about the speed limit. "

The Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (now part of Cessna)

Type: privately-held company | Industry: general aviation / light aircraft | Founded in 1980s | Headquarters in Bend, Oregon

Most notable Aircraft Columbia 300 | Columbia 350 | Columbia 400

Key Executives were

  • Mr. Wan Abd Majid Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Lance Neibauer - President
  • Mr. Rich Reighard - Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Michael Culver - Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Carl Young - Chief Restructuring Officer