Columbia Aircraft

The Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation

Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corp. manufactures single-engine aircrafts. The company was formerly known as The Lancair Company and changed its name to Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corp. in July 2005

The Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation had its roots in the innovative kit aircraft industry of the 1980s and '90s. Early in that period, graphic designer Lance Neibauer decided to build himself a high performance airplane, with one major design imperative: the aircraft had to "look cool." Once completed, response from other aviators was so overwhelming that Neibauer took up aircraft design and construction full-time. That pursuit led him to become Founder of one of the most successful companies in the vibrant kit aircraft industry, Lancair International.

By the time the General Aviation Revitalization Act, was passed in 1994, Lancair International kit aircraft had set new standards in performance, quality and support in the owner built, kit aircraft market. Encouraged by NASA, Neibauer announced his intention to design, certify and build the first new four-seat general aviation aircraft in three decades. To do so, he established a new and completely autonomous company; staffed it with aviation professionals who had significant experience in the certified aircraft sector (as opposed to kit aircraft); built a new factory in nearby Bend, Oregon; and launched an independent endeavor that has since made its own history.

One decade and much sweat and effort later, that vision has become a reality. Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation has built three high performance aircraft models, all hewing to the original vision of creating an airplane that combines stunning good looks with spectacular performance capability and state of the art safety & reliability features. Backed by strong, international funding, Columbia intends to build on the legend our founder began 20 years ago in that Southern California garage.

We will continue to raise the bar for personal aircraft and provide the best customer support the industry has ever seen. And we will be the nameplate that pilots think of when they visualize the personal aircraft they really want to fly.

In November 2007 The Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation became a division of Cessna

On November 27 2007 Cessna's parent company Textron announced that Cessna Aircraft was the successful bidder for Columbia Aircraft and that the Columbia 350 and 400 will become the Cessna 350 and Cessna 400 and that existing Columbia aircraft will be supported by Cessna. Cessna paid USD$26.4M for the company and has committed to investing in the current company location to continue aircraft production in Bend, Oregon.

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The Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (now part of Cessna)

Type: privately-held company | Industry: general aviation / light aircraft | Founded in 1980s | Headquarters in Bend, Oregon

Most notable Aircraft Columbia 300 | Columbia 350 | Columbia 400

Key Executives were

  • Mr. Wan Abd Majid Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Lance Neibauer - President
  • Mr. Rich Reighard - Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Michael Culver - Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Carl Young - Chief Restructuring Officer