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This website has nothing to do with the Fairbanks Police.

For more information regarding the Fairbanks Police please contact them directly on (907) 459-6500 or via

Alaska Police Services

Address: 248 Whitefang Road, Prairieton, Alaska
AK47 9HD

Phone: 09274 8264 8242



The Alaska Police Services Mission Statement

Here at the Alaska Police Services website we are keen to ensure the work of the Alaska Police service does not go unnoticed. The brave men and women of the service struggle day and night to ensure that the citizens under their care are able to go about their daily lives in peace and security, safe in the knowledge that there is a trained, motivated and highly committed force looking out for their best interests, and the best interests of the community and society. Feel free to get in touch to find out more about Alaska Police Services.

Rest assured that, in the interim, we will continue to provide our clients with the high standard of service to which they are accustomed and we believe that this service will only be enhanced in future by bringing all of our staff together into a single location where you might lease a car quickly and easily.