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Welcome to the Trustworthy Solicitors website. Our site exists in order to provide you with a one stop portal in which you can find all the links and information about Trustworthy Solicitors that you might need. There are an endless variety of situations that might require you to call upon the services of a professional solicitor, such as anything from accident claims to separation and divorce, and there are an endless variety of legal specialisations that cover them. You need to employ a solicitor who has an appropriate level of experience in your kind of case, whether you are making a personal injury claim, or are investing in a property, you need a solicitor who has a full grasp of the legal process pertaining to your particular issue. Friends and relatives may well have recommendations and suggestions, but how do you know that the solicitor you are talking to is trustworthy? One way to assuage these fears is to do a standard search through the internet, which will enable you to locate a good deal of information about your chosen representation.

There are a variety of websites that give you a wealth of information about the qualities of different solicitors, and will give you a pretty clear idea about what you can expect when you contact a given solicitor. There are also websites that offer you an idea of the issues surrounding your particular kind of legal case, and as they say, forewarned is forearmed. If there is anything about Trustworthy Solicitors that you think our site doesn’t cover and needs to, why not drop us an email and let us know.


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The Trustworthy Solicitors website is not affiliated with the old Egglestones website.

For information about Egglestones Solicitors please contact them directly at 4 Charlecote Mews, Staple Gardens, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8SR, or via 01962 844632.