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Cambridge Pre-U is a post-16 development. It aims to prepare students with the skills and knowledge they need to make a success of their subsequent studies at university.

Teachers tell us they want to be able to prepare students for higher education more effectively with exciting syllabuses that are stimulating to teach. Universities tell us they want students who are equipped to benefit from a higher education experience which calls for an independent and self-directed style of learning.

This is why we are developing Cambridge Pre-U as a coherent curriculum underpinned by a core set of educational principles. It will offer exciting syllabuses which students can take either individually or together to achieve the Cambridge Pre-U Diploma.

The values enshrined in Cambridge Pre-U are:

  • The development of well-informed, open and independent-minded individuals capable of applying their skills to meet the demands of the world as they will find it and over which they may have influence.

  • A curriculum which retains the integrity of subject specialisms and which can be efficiently, effectively and reliably assessed, graded and reported to meet the needs of universities.

  • A curriculum which is designed to recognise a wide range of individual talents, interests and abilities and which provides the depth and rigour required for a university degree course.

  • A curriculum which encourages the acquisition of specific skills and abilities, in particular the skills of problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, team working and effective communication.

  • The encouragement of 'deep understanding' in learning.

  • The development of a perspective which equips young people to understand a range of different cultures and ideas and to respond successfully to the opportunity for international mobility.

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