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The Tower Docks have been known as "Mayfair on Water." It is a very cosmopolitan area, and very exclusive. Apartments have been created from the old high warehouses and brewery buildings. There are spectacular views across the River Thames, to Butler's Wharf - another expensive area of riverside apartments.

The Tower area is linked to the City of London, and an upmarket shopping mall. The new connection to the Jubilee Extension on the London Underground has increased property prices dramatically.

    -The Tower Docks-
    Wapping has been likened to a small village within the Docklands area - 180 hectares of successful regeneration. It has a very close community, although there are few services available to the people. St. Katherine's Docks are in the area of Wapping - the very first docks to be regenerated by the LDDC. Nearly 2000 new homes have been created in the area of Wapping.
-Wapping High Street-

The Isle of Dogs (named after an 18th century legend) is the area of the Docklands that has probably seen the most change. It is London's third major business district, with Canary Wharf as it's business flagship. there are now 27, 000 residents and 22, 000 workers in this area. 80% of office space in Canary Wharf has already been taken up, by businesses such as Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Texaco. There are more than 50 shops and restaurants, serving a working population.

Since the beginning of the regeneration of the London Docklands, created 100 km of new roads, the Docklands Light Railway, new bus routes, and the London City Airport.

Over £9500 million pounds were invested in the public and private sectors of the Docklands. There has been over 4 square miles of commercial and industrial redevelopment. More importantly, the number of businesses in the area has doubled from 1100 to 2300, and there are now 50, 000 more jobs in the Docklands. 100, 000 new trees have been planted, with 130 hectares of open space. There is now 90 km of waterfront, and 17 conservation areas.

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