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In 1981 the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) was established, to try and generate employment, new housing and an improved economy. The LDDC established an Enterprise Zone in the Isle of Dogs, to attract industry to the area. Due to the tax-free guarantees and relatively cheap land, many light industries were attracted to the area.

The only notable heavy industry that has moved into the area has been the newspaper industries from Fleet Street e.g. the Mirror and the Sun.

On both sides of the Thames in the Docklands area, old dock warehouses were converted into modern, expensive penthouse apartments, or for offices for the new light industries. The area had been re-developed in little over ten years, with 22 km of derelict docks being converted into a thriving city port, with £11 billion pounds of investment in the area. There were 1 million visitors to the Docklands last year. It shows to everyone a stylish way of living and working, in a city area.

-St. Katherine's Dock (Post-Gentrification)-

The LDDC was shut down in 1997, after seventeen years of overseeing the Docklands area. It claimed it's work as a success, with physical, economic, social and environmental regeneration. Two-thirds of local residents (68%) say the LDDC has done "a good
job", and nearly three-quarters (73%) think the prospects for the area are good.


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