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Business Automated ProcessesWe are the best site for all matters related to business automated processes and engineering design.

This site is dedicated to helping your business succeed and with information material on power, control and information systems and services designed to give you a competitive advantage.

No matter what industry you are in, or what systems you are running, this site will help you protect your automation investment.

Companies such as Automated Process Discovery Fujitsu Global offer an extensive range of business automated process solutions.

A typical IT department, for instance,  is very good at what they do, which usually includes such tasks as hardware requisitions, inventory, and management; network setup, installation, security, and administration; internet connectivity; and sometimes even managing the company's website.

However, the staff of the typical IT department usually does not have the specialized skills essential to application development.

These skills include functional systems analysis, interaction design, relational database design, theory, data warehousing, client-server architecture, multi-tier application structure, and distributed data synchronization. Companies offering business automation solutions can provide these skills as needed. 

Companies can provide solutions while alleviating  the workload of  IT departments by providing a fully-functional operating glass application, install it with your IT department, teach the users how to work it, and provide the IT department with a simple maintenance manual to keep the application tuned and running.

Automated processes companies offer the following services;

  • Project management
  • Electrical installation including HV 
  • Commissioning
  • Panel building
  • Electrical design
  • Lighting Systems
  • Data & Communications Systems (fibre optic and copper)
  • Fire Alarm & Security Systems
  • Fabrications (control rooms fitting out)

Automated Processes Websites

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Please note that this website is not associated in any way with DACS Electrical Limited or any other DACS company. 


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