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Currency conversion and graphs are provided by the Small Business Service - a new agency of the United Kingdom Government.  For more details click here details. You can also get advice and information from our national Contact Centre by calling them or by contacting one of their national networks of Business Link local providers.

Information about their policies, performance, press releases and other matters can be found at their website.

The electronic revolution is going to change business once and for all. No company, partnership or sole trader can afford to take up a position on the side-lines. 

If you are hoping to wait for the dust to settle, you run the risk of being left behind. 

This part of the Small Business Service site has been created specifically to give business people practical advice on how to get started in e-commerce or e-business. You may already use e-mail and the Internet. You may be considering having your own website, providing electronic currency services or perhaps going the whole hog and selling your products over the Internet. 

The resources provided here are designed to help the UK’s smaller businesses get their hands on useful, usable information and realistic ideas that can be put into action. The material has been planned to cover four main areas. 

  • The business benefits from exploiting the potential of the Internet
  • Real-life case studies of actual businesses and the tools and methods they have used
  • The business issues involved in making e-commerce happen
  • The technical issues involved in making e-commerce happen
    Informed and impartial advice that reflects particular local and regional conditions is available from ISI Centres around the country. 

This website has been running since April 2013 and since then we have improved the speed and navigation of the site and added new features in response to your comments. We plan to improve it further over the next few months and would very much welcome your comments and suggestions. You can see some of our ideas for how we might do this but please remember that this is YOUR website, paid for with YOUR taxes. We want to make this into the most useful business website in the UK - so please let us have your ideas.

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