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Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine May Cover

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Canoe & Kayak UK

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Olympic disciplines

How important are the Olympic paddling disciplines to you?

 Very, the athletes are important role models
 Fairly, I enjoy watching them
 Not interested at all
 I believe they are a waste of money
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Canoe & Kayak UK

In the May issue (98) Issue

Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine May Cover
May issue (98)

Publish Date
02 Apr 2009


Win! A Fantastic Prijon Marlin Sea Kayak worth over £1000!

Plus FREE Superb Sea Kayaking Mini Mag.
A Sense of Freedom - Planning your own multi-day sea kayak expedition
Shooting the Sea - How to take perfect sea paddling pictures
Dressed to Kill? - Essential gear to survive a swim at sea

Humla Karnali- expedition paddling
The Humla Karnali river in Eastern Nepal is steeped in kayaking legend. Simon Tapley and friends headed to the high Himalaya to experience this magestic and challenging river for themselves

Club Scene - canoe clubs
We head to the shores of Rutland Water for a morning on the water with Rutland Canoe Club

Of Fords and Fjords - canoe tripping
A group of paddlers from Suffolk load up the transit van and head for open boating adventure on the fjords of Norway

Boofarama- whitewater skills
Canoe and Kayak
UK's resident steep creeker Ed Smith explains how to keep your bow up on drops by nailing the perfect boof stroke

Alpine Dreaming! - whitewater river running

All you need to know to get you planning your own river running trip to the stunning rivers of the Southern French Alps

The 24-7 Paddler - fitness and health

A new series on how to get fit, stay fit and prevent injuries to improve your paddling skills and time on the water

Tried & Tested - gear tests
The Canoe & Kayak UK Test Team put Tywarp Warp touring paddles, Werner Sherper 4-part split paddles and Palm's Nova paddling boots through their paces

A Scottish Canadian
- opeb canoeing
Adventurer Robin Ashcroft explores the history and the link forged between the landscapes and people of Scotland and Canada, and the Canadian Canoe

Plus all your usual favourites: The Floater - Coaching Toolbox, Ed Case, Tea Boy Tom's A-Z of Kayaking, Horizon Lines, CK Women, PyB's Top Tips, Light Box, Tried & Tested, River Jabber, Most Wanted - And loads, loads more

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