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The Kent - Lower Section trip details

Force Falls on the River Kent

A popular run near Kendal
Region: North West
Discipline: Whitewater
Difficulty: Intermediate
Grade: 4
Length: 4.5 km
Average Time: 1 hrs
Start: Start at scroggs Weir. Head out of Kendal on the A6. As the residential area ends look out for a petrol station on the left. Take the road beside it and it will take you through Scroggs Wood to a small parking area near the river.
Finish: Take out ob the right at the foot of the concrete bridge just after Force Falls. There is a small car park at the end of the lane at Park Head. This can be found by taking the first left of the A590 to Ulverston from the Sedgewick roundabout on the A591

This section of the Kent, although short, packs some great whitewater action. The Kent holds it's water well so is  a very popular section amongst whitewater goesr in ther area. The Kent is graded at 3 to 4 but can reach the big 5 in high water, with some serious and dangerous drops.

You'll start the run with an clear line of Scroggs Weir which doens't generally cause to many problems. You'll then find yourself into a scenic mini-gorge. It's a fairly simple line at normal  water levels, although it can get bit boily when it's high. The fun continues with a more grade 3 rapids, this leads you into Gunpowder Gorge. It's got a bit more punch then the previous gorge, it's wise that to take your time to avoid some metal spikes, which stick out from the old broken weir that forms part of the rapid. After Gunpowder Gorge more read and run follows. The soon river eases up a bit and passes below a foot bridge, keep an eye out for the weir at Wilsom Place. This is very dangerous at high flows and a portage on the river right is advisable. In normal flows you can blast through without too much difficulty, on the river right side. The Kent keeps it coming as you enter a bedrock rapid, welcomes your arrival to the lower gorge. Once you pass under another bridge you'll  come to the L shaped drop. In high water this is very serious and care should be taken at all times. The line is usually as far down the left as possible and requires good technique to avoid any towback. If the water is high  then a portage is reccomended. Directly below is an island full of trees. The island splits the river and has weirs on either side. The left hand channel is the usual route as this will provide you with an easy line down to Force Falls. This rapid can be ran left of centre if in doubt hop out and have agander. Don't get out dircetly after the dop, as access is a sensitive issue on the Kent, but continue a short way down to the take out at the road bridge below.

Accommodation: Lots of B&Bs in Kendal and some local campsites

Food and Drinks: Kendal is awash with pubs and tea rooms.

Canoe Shops: Brookbank Canoes Carlisle - Brookbank Canoes Lancaster -

Guidebooks: British Whitewater by Terry Storry White water Lake District by Stuart Miller Rivers of Cumbria by Mike Hayward English White Water by

Useful Websites:

Kayaking and canoeing are assumed risk sports and you should take every effort to become aware of any dangers involved. These guides are not intended as instruction manuals they are just as the name suggests... guides. They can give you access and egress information and give you a flavour of the water you'll encounter, but water is an ever-changing environment. Rivers change with varying water levels, trees get stuck, and banks can collapse. Never assume a river is safe just because you read it in a guide. You must use your own judgement and experiences to make the decision whether to paddle, or not. And as rivers change so to at sea can the weather conditions and tides change. All information has been checked to the best of our ability, is given in good faith, and we hope will be helpful, but all information should be checked locally and you and you alone are responsible for your decisions to undertake any of the paddling trips contained within it. The authors and publisher can accept no responsibility for any inconvenience, injury or loss sustained by any persons as a result of information given in this guide.

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