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How To Repair Your Inflatable Kayak
How To Repair Your Inflatable Kayak
Canoe & Kayak UK Editorial - Posted on 28 Mar 2012
It’s not often that good quality inflatable kayaks or canoes will develop a puncture, most meet their A properly repaired Inflatable Canoe back on the water and ready for inflatable Canoe fun!demise through improper storage, principally by being put away still damp and allowed to go mouldy. For when they do get a puncture, though, it’s always handy to be carrying a repair kit. Most retailers of inflatable canoes & kayaks stock these, and some even offer package deals that include them.

Locating the Puncture
It’s not always immediately obvious where a puncture is. If you can’t find it, try lathering on soapy water while the kayak is inflated. The escaping air will cause the water to perceptibly bubble.

Small Punctures
These can be fixed up with a simple dab of glue. Ensure the surface around the puncture is clean and dry, and apply. Repair kits will include the glue you need, and it is also sold separately from most retailers.

Larger Punctures
Punctures larger than your average pinprick in your inflatable kayak or canoe will need a ‘patch.’ You’ll find this in your puncture repair kit, and again it needs to be applied with glue to the damaged area once it is thoroughly clean and dry.

Click HERE for a useful video demonstrating an inflatable Kayak Repair from Canoe & Kayak UK TV

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