Articles - Mini-Interview with Mallory Franklin GB's Rising Canoe Slalom Star

Canoe Slalom Star Mallory Franklin
Canoe Slalom Star Mallory Franklin
Canoe & Kayak Editorial - Posted on 09 Jun 2016
As a senior world cup gold medalist, double European silver medallist and World Championship silver medalist, Mallory Franklin is one of Britain’s leading lights in ladies canoe slalom, having surged into the senior ranks from a successful junior career. She now has her sights set on adding to her World Champs medal collection with a gold on home soil when the ICF World Canoe Slalom Championship comes to the Lee Valley Whitewater Centre in September. We caught up with Mallory to get a little insight into her career so far…

Firstly, can you give us a sense of what it has taken to get to the level you’re at in Canoe Slalom?Canoe Slalom Star Mallory Franklin Image courtesey of British Canoeing
It has taken years of training, both physically and mentally, to get to the level in the sport where I currently am. I train around 20-hours a week including gym, cardio and on-the-water sessions in my boat. The training schedule requires me to plan my time carefully around my commitments, I am currently at the University of Bedfordshire (Luton Campus) studying Sports Therapy as a full time degree, I live at home in Windsor and I drive to both training and Uni. I have been through many years of ups and downs. It takes mental stability to be able to build on each performance, either good or bad and learn for the next race.

You’re a hugely dedicated athlete, can you talk us through an average week training?
At the moment I am doing slightly less training than I would during the winter due to my heavy race schedule. In the winter I would do three gym sessions a week, three cardio sessions (cycing and swimming), around six to seven paddling sessions, on both the flat and whitewater. I train mostly at home although I travel to Lee Valley White Water Center for my whitewater sessions and gym.

How did it feel to push into the senior ranks so successfully?
I guess I started C1 in the senior ranks, in 2009 I achieved selection to the senior world championship team, since then I have been on the senior team every year competing at the Championships and world cups. Over the past two/three years I have begun to perform to my ability and been pushing the medals and achieving great performances. It has felt really good to get the results that, in my opinion, relate to my ability.

Which results stand out as a highlights of you career so far and why?
For me there is actually only one result that stands out as a highlight of my career so far; my 2013 U23 European gold medal, this medal for me came at the end of a really solid race run and really, truly felt like a gold medal run. It's a feeling I hope to repeat a lot in the future.

What is your ultimate goal? Can you give us a brief insight to the stages in reaching that goal?
I guess I have one main goal in my canoeing career, I would be happy with my career if I could look back and say I did my best in every situation and worked my hardest to do my absolute best. As anyone in the sport does, I do have a goal to go to the Olympics and hopefully win a gold medal, but I am heavily of the opinion that if you base all your happiness on an outcome, you risk never being happy.

Can you give some words of advice for those looking to get into slalom canoeing and progress through the ranks?
I would say, get out on the water and enjoy it! Getting comfortable on the water and comfortable in your boat is the most important thing and it is the one main thing that will help you progress through the ranks.

Thanks Mallory, and all the best for the rest of the season and the World Champs in September

To follow Mallory’s results and training visit, and follow her on Twitter @Mall_Franklin

Want to watch Mallory in World Championship action at Lee Valley? Head to for tickets and to find out more


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