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Canoe and Kayak UK - Posted on 17 Mar 2009

The Ardéche River and its famous gorge need no introduction to many, and it’s glittering water sees descents by hordes of families and visiting school children every season. But did you know that the region also boasts a whole host of tasty whitewater treats, and even some that will wet the appetites of the most hardened whitewater addict. Author Henri Denis and his team of Ardéche kayakers have done a tremendous job of researching and collecting the information for this book as they’ve paddled and enjoyed these secret gems. Those of you who have always thought of the Ardéche region as a mellow family destination will be amazed to fund that this guide contains a whopping sixty-eight runs on forty-four different rivers, there literally is something for every level. If you’re planning a club trip out to the Alps this spring or summer we’d highly recommend getting a copy of this book for the dashboard and heading on down to explore some little-paddled but excellent whitewater runs.

Published by Canotier Editions

RRP: €26.00
Available from selected canoe shops and on-line at

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