Articles - 10 Canoeing & Kayaking Activities to Try This Summer

Summer canoe & Kayak Activities
Summer canoe & Kayak Activities
Canoe & Kayak Editorial - Posted on 10 Jun 2016
It’s easy to stick with what you know, but trying something new is a great way to keep everything fresh and have a lot of fun too. Canoeing & kayaking are so diverse that there’s always something new to try if you really want to, it’s a great big paddletastic world out there, so go on give something new a try this summer.

1.Enjoy a Multi-Discipline Outdoors AdventureInflatable Canoe Inflatable Kayak Kids Canoeing
Canoes & kayaks are fantastic for getting you to places you’d otherwise never be able to reach, which means that they’re great for combining with any other outdoor passions you may have like climbing, cycling, hill walking, even caravanning. Why not try planning a trip that combines other pursuits with canoeing or kayaking.  Kayaking across a lake and then walking up a fell? Maybe carrying your bike in your canoe across a loch, ready to hop out and cycle a wild route at the end of your paddle? Maybe even just pumping up the inflatable kayak and enjoying a nice relaxing paddle on a picturesque lake after arriving at a waterside caravan site?

2. Air We Go!
Inflatable kayaks, canoes or 'Duckies' are excellent for introducing beginners or non-paddlers to the joys of moving water and they’re an absolute hoot to paddle. Because you can pack them up and carry them they're also an ideal choice for unlocking some great multi-sport outdoor adventures too!

3. Go To The Races
Why not have a bash at a competitive canoeing or kayaking discipline, such as marathon, ocean racing, canoe sailing or bell boating. It’s always fun and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll take back to your usual style of paddling.

4. Come & Try It
These events run throughout the spring and summer at a wide range of venues. Designed to let people see what paddle sports are all about and to actually get on the water and give it a go. They’re a great family day out and a brilliant opportunity to try out various styles of boat and get some top tips from coaches and sponsored paddlers. Events and come and try it sessions are also a great place to see the top paddlers in action. This September there's a unique chance to watch the world's best slalom racers battle it out to take gold, at the 2016 ICF World Canoe Slalom Championships, and have a go your self at the awesome Lee Valley White Water Centre.

5. Try your hand at  Canoe SlalomDipa paddle in to canoe Slalom this summer
Negotiating a course of set up slalom poles is a fantastic way of improving you boat control and water reading skills, not to mention your fitness. Give Canoe Slalom a go and who knows maybe one day you’ll be competing at the World Champs too, or even the Olympics!

6. Get involved in Coaching
Passing on the canoeing & kayaking skills that you have already learned is very rewarding. Why not take time out from your usual paddling trips to help out at a session of your local canoe club.

7. Take Part in a Competition
Competition has always been a part of paddle-sports in the UK and can offer an opportunity for you to put your skills to the test. There are many fun comps that happen around the UK, so you can give it a go and see if it’s something you want to take further

8. Introduce a Friend or Family Member to Canoeing & Kayaking
Just like coaching, introducing someone to paddling and seeing them become as hooked as you are, is a very rewarding thing, be warned though, it won’t be long before you find that your entire family has gone canoe & kayak crazy!

9. Go Canoe Camping
The open canoe is a remarkably versatile craft, and it can open the door on a variety of adventures for you. You can outfit it with airbags and saddle up for a thrilling challenge down whitewater rapids, load it up with the family and a picnic for a gentle float on your local lake or, our particular favourite, you can pack your tent, load the camping kit, paddling partner, kids and dog etc. And head off for a weekend’s canoe camping adventure.Go Canoe Camping this summer

10. Get Paddle-Fit
Let’s be honest we could all be a little bit fitter. Canoeing and kayaking can be leisurely pursuits but if you choose too they can also provide a really good work out too, and so much more fun than rowing on the pot in a gym! Why not try complementing your paddle trips with a spot of cross training. Swimming, cross-country running and mountain biking are good, or maybe your club has some paddling Iso-machines that you can use.

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