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Guide to Canoe Hire
Guide to Canoe Hire
Canoe & Kayak UK Editorial - Posted on 17 Apr 2014
A brilliant way to dip your first paddle strokes in to the world of canoeing and kayaking is to hire a boat and enjoy a mini-adventure. There are some fantastic destinations and an increasing number of operators who offer a range of canoe hire experiences across the UK.

Types of Canoe Hire Tripcanoe hire - Hiring a canoe or kayak
These vary and will depend on what you’re looking for and he time you have available. You may just want to hir a canoe to enjoy an hour or two’s gentle float in one location, or you may want to head out on a river journey for a whole day, maybe even an overnight canoe camping excursion? Most outfitters will be able to accommodate your needs within their packages.

What Type of Boat
The most commonly hired boats are open canoes, this is because they are very user-friendly for a wide variety of skill levels, are great for carrying kit, can fit the whole family in and lots and lots of fun. Sit-On-Tops are great too and closed cockpit kayaks are a little rarer, as you need a little more experience to paddle them, but a great option if you do have some skills. You will also be given some basic paddles, and buoyancy aids, for all going afloat. Sounds basic, but these should be correctly fitted and worn at all times when on the water. That’s all you need for a fun day out. Most operators will give you loads of great advice and even a little basic training to help you get underway and paddling safely.

How Do We Get Back
If you’re paddling down a river on a day, or multi-day, trip then your operator will usually include a shuttle within the price, This means that they will either drop you and your gear upstream to begin your journey, or come and pick you up at the end of your journey. Shuttles usually take the shape of a mini-bus with large trailer. This kind of service also means that you can plan a canoe hire adventure without always needing a vehicle, as there are many destinations that you can reach by public transport.

Guided Trips
These can be great if you have limited experience and want the added security of a guide along, but guided trips can also be informative and fascinating as your guide will undoubtedly have a great understanding and knowledge of the area and waterway that you’re enjoying.

Where to Hire a Canoe or KayakHiring a canoe River nene River Wye Canoe Hire
There are a plethora of possible canoe and kayak hire destinations across the UK, but listed below are a few of the most popular and accessible destinations. A google search on canoe hire in each will give you plenty of useful information and inspiration to get out there on the water and to go hire a canoe...

• River Wye - One of the most picturesque river sections in the whole UK, and probably the most popular destination for canoe hire. A wonderful majestic river teaming with wildlife. The Wye offers something for everyone

• River Nene - one of Northamptonshire’s finest assets and it has a wealth of natural and historic beauty for you to enjoy in your boat.

• River Thames – From it’s leafy upper reaches to the hustle and bustle of the UK’s most famous river Old Father Thames is a varied and exciting venue

• The Lake District – Nestled amongst England’s higest peaks the magical lakes that give the district its name offer great scope for some Swallows and Amazons style canoe hire adventures.

• Norfolk Broads - The Broads are a series of rivers and broads (lakes), most of which are navigable. Coined ‘Britain’s Magical Waterland’, which represents the mystic beauty of the rivers, with the fun and adventure that the whole family can enjoy on the Broads.

• River Spey – Offering plenty of adventure the Spey is one of Scotland’s most scenic rivers and is famous for its salmon fishing as well as its contributions to Scottish Whisky distilling!

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