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A- Z Open Canoeing Jargon Buster

Posted: 07 Oct 2009

We've put together an A-Z jargon buster for all those open canoeing phrases. So if you're wanting to understand about canoe poling, sailing or j-strokes then our jargon buster's got it all in.

A Guide to Canoe Camping

Posted: 17 Mar 2009

Some great ideas for canoe and kayak touring/camping trips

A Rough Guide to Buying a Kayak or Canoe

Posted: 17 Mar 2009

Hints and tips on buying a boat

How a Sea Kayak is Made

Posted: 15 Jan 2009

Canoe and kayak's test team member Jim Evans, takes some time to find what goes into making a Sea kayak.

A Go Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to Finding and Joining a Canoe Club

Posted: 12 Jan 2009

One of the most common questions that we get asked here atCanoe & Kayak & GO Canoeing & Kayaking is ‘how do I get into canoeing or kayaking?’ Our answer is always the same... By joining a canoe club

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