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All You Need to Know About Joining Your Local Canoe Club

Posted: 25 Mar 2012

Every year more and more people sample the delights of canoe & kayaking through come-and-try-it days, taster courses and adventure holidays, but once you’ve been bitten by the bug, where do you go from there? The answer’s a simple one, find the nearest canoe club to your area, go along, join up and you’ll never look back…

10 Reasons to GO on a Canoeing or Kayaking Course

Posted: 13 Mar 2012

One of the great things about canoeing & kayaking is that there’s just so much to learn and experience they can never get boring. To help you get more out of your time on the water. is to GO on a canoeing or kayaking course with a professional coach.

Canoe & Kayak Coaching Tips - Dry Land Boating

Posted: 01 Mar 2012

Canoe & Kayak Coach Ross Montandon explains how you don’t actually have to get wet and cold on the water to teach, or learn new canoeing & kayaking skills.

Canoe & Kayak Coaching Tips - The Tool Box - Understanding Bandwiidth Feedback

Posted: 14 Feb 2012

Canoe & Kayak BCU Coach Ross Montandon explains why it’s important to give the right feedback to your paddling students at the right time.

How to Get Articles Published in Canoe & Kayak UK

Posted: 31 Jan 2012

A Canoe & Kayak UK guide on how to write better articles about your paddling adventures and how to get your stories published.

How to Pole an Open Canoe

Posted: 31 Jan 2011

Canoe poling is a useful canoeing skill that can often be missing from many open canoeists repertoires. Open Canoe Expert James Weir talks us through the fundamental skills of using a pole with an open canoe.

Stars in Their Eyes - The Open Canoe BCU 1 Star Award

Posted: 27 Oct 2010

An easy to understand to taking and passing you British Canoe Union Open Canoe 1 Star Award

Top Tips for Sea Kayakers on Coastal Navigation

Posted: 26 Aug 2010

Here’s a quick list of top tips for sea kayakers' that you might consider trying during these cold and dark winter evenings.

How to Eskimo Roll A Kayak

Posted: 26 Jul 2010

Learning to successfully right your kayak from an upside down position while still in it, or, as it is commonly known, to roll your kayak is a big step on the learning curve for many paddlers. We show you how to master the Eskimo Roll (forward screw roll)

How To Master Brace Strokes - Whitewater Kayak Skills

Posted: 24 Jun 2010

Practical Use of Bracing Strokes for Whitewater kayaking

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