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How to Get Articles Published in Canoe & Kayak UK

Posted: 31 Jan 2012

A Canoe & Kayak UK guide on how to write better articles about your paddling adventures and how to get your stories published.

A Guide for the Older Kayaker

Posted: 07 Jul 2011

Nic Burne, whitewater kayaking veteran and father of two globe trotting kayaking fanatics, explains how to grow old disgracefully and takes a reflective look on his river running retirement plan… with an open letter to the older paddler...

How to perform a Loop in your Whitewater Freestyle Kayak

Posted: 30 Mar 2011

The loop is one of the key moves of whitewater freestyle kayaking. It's a move that always gets a cheer from your paddling pals. Canoe and Kayak's freestyle fiend Ed Smith takes us through the steps to get more air more cheers and more fun out of our loops!

Top Ten Tips for Rolling on Moving Water

Posted: 24 Nov 2010

Plas Y Brenin Level 5 Coach Chris Evans explains how to perfect your rolling technique so it works first time, everytime in a variety of different situations.

How to Cartwheel Your Whitewater Freestyle Kayak

Posted: 27 Sep 2010

Top UK Freestyle Kayaker Ed Smith explains how to do this essential basic playboating technique

How to Eskimo Roll A Kayak

Posted: 26 Jul 2010

Learning to successfully right your kayak from an upside down position while still in it, or, as it is commonly known, to roll your kayak is a big step on the learning curve for many paddlers. We show you how to master the Eskimo Roll (forward screw roll)

How To Master Brace Strokes - Whitewater Kayak Skills

Posted: 24 Jun 2010

Practical Use of Bracing Strokes for Whitewater kayaking

Canoe & Kayak UK’s Top Tips for Camping Trips

Posted: 06 Apr 2010

Wild camping is a great thing to do; it’s fun and gives a real sense of adventure and getting back to nature. And luckily for us, as paddlers, canoes and kayaks are the ideal craft for accessing some of the UK's wildest spots. Here are our top tips on setting up camp and a few useful basic bush craft tips to help you on your way.

How to Punch Through Holes - Whitewater River Running Skills

Posted: 25 Feb 2010

Expert freestyle kayaker and river runner Ed Smith explains how to successfully take on the river paddler’s nemesis – the hole or stopper wave.

How to use a throw-line - canoe & kayak rescue techniques

Posted: 01 Dec 2009

To help you get your throw-line technique razor-sharp we’ve put together this easy-to-use guide to the best ways to bag ‘em and tag ‘em for effective swimmer rescues for canoes & kayaks!

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