Paul Savident brings experience of some twenty years of customer-focussed sales and development in a wide range of industry sectors including theatre, entertainment, digital media, web development, personal/brand management and the food sector. Paul has been integral in the creation of a number of brands from underground fashion/lifestyle to high-end traditional British fare with Brocket Hall Foods Ltd and the energy management sector.

Paul is currently overseeing the marketing activity for the London Festival of Cabaret (May), developing the play to begin with… by Jeffrey Hatcher with The Daniel Group LLC,  and Investment Director of The Friendly Investment Company plc and its series of eco Bonds.  Paul is co-founder of with Warren Heal, and is active on a number of projects, including financing in the renewables space.  Paul has also been pivotal in a number of businesses including technology, new media, publishing, microgeneration, entertainment and film and TV production.