Engineering Industry Services

Engineering Industry Services

The business employs a number of precision, production and design engineers.

Supplying the pharmaceutical and medical industry with high precision components has become a very important focus of the company. Customer base has grown because of a design service and reputation for high precision components.

  • Supply and repair of access equipment
  • Supply, repair and testing of most types of lifting equipment
  • Supply and repair of materials handling equipment (e.g. fork and pallet trucks)
  • Design, manufacture and installation of fencing and architectural steelworks
  • Fabrication and coded welding

Medical Device Precision Machining

Company specialises in the precision machining and product development of medical components, high precision machining and equipment.

Pharmaceutical Engineering Manufacturer

Company is well known for pharmaceutical precision engineering, manufacturing and product development.

Precision Engineering and Machining

The company provides an excellent bespoke engineering design service. One of our highly skilled design engineers would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Product Design and Development Engineering

Team can help you design, develop and manufacture your product quickly and efficiently. Design School We offer and full range of Prototype, Rapid Prototype (Prototyping) and Custom Manufacturing services.