Living with Dyslexia

Welcome to the Living with Dyslexia website. We hope to clear up grey area concerning what the word dyslexia actually means. It's important to grasp that there are two different ways in which the word dyslexia is actually used. One is the literal sense: 'Dys' means wrong, while 'lexia' means applying to letters and words, so in this sense, anyone with an issue with reading has dyslexia. The second, broader use is where dyslexia refers to a variety of symptoms that includes problems with reading, spelling and writing, as well as other problems with hearing, memory or coordination.

The meaning of dyslexia is dependent on the context in which the term is being used. Contact our experts on Living with Dyslexia for further information.


This website has nothing to do with the old British Dyslexic Association website.

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