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We can deliver you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the true India, and as a result, your true self, all in the finest comfort and luxury. India is a land of many surprises, but whatever you find there on your own personal journey, what is sure is that you will experience a magical land that will touch your heart like the composition and progression of chords make the magic of music. If there is anything you would need to know that we have not covered, please contact the Travel India team.


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Here at the Travel India website we are determined to show you the true face of India. We want you to experience India in the most economical and luxurious way possible, including India’s most widely known and esteemed luxury destinations such as Agra, Goa, Kumarakom, Shimla and Ranthambore National Park. But there is much more to India than these well-trodden paths, and we want to help you to discover your India, the place that will hold a special place in your heart for the rest of your life, and hopefully keep you coming back time after time for more. Feel free to get in touch to find out more about Travel India.

If you are not interested in travelling to India or are interested in going on treks around mountains as an alternative you can go to the himalaya region. Before going there however it is good to find out the route for Everest trek as there are many variations as well as weather dependancy.



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